Monday, March 01, 2004

Band, Mexico

Percussion on Saturday was amazing. The performance part could have been a bit better. For full information of scores, check out  I really hope we get bumped up to open class. Many hope not, but I think we can handle it. (Or at least I could).  I really wished I could have watched some more groups. I watch to learn and because I love percussion music. For those who know me, I absolutely love watching percussion groups. Even more than marching band. And those who know me know I am a marching band fanatic. So take marching band and times that by like a million and a half; that is how much I love percussion. It is my next love next to killer whales.

And spring is 21 days away!!!YAY!!! Dude, I can not stand winter, It's too cold, and wet. I love the summer days. Except this summer, I will be enjoying it in a new way. Considering I will not be here for like a month. I will be on tour with Fever, and for those who know my parents, they are just thrilled. Practice 6 days a week. Well at least, my birthday falls on a Monday and I get it off. So what should I do? Oh, that reminds me, my parents will not let me go to Mexico this year. It is really sad because Cindy and I met in Mexico out first year there. "Cheetos never prosper!!!" -Mexico, 2002. I also spent my last three birthdays in Mexico. Man now I'm really bummed. Dude, Mexico was one of the things I looked forward to every year. It was also like this big "Cindy-and Kelsey-Bonding-Time" Like this past summer, a bunch

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