Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Saddest Love Story You Will Ever Read

Once upon a time, I met a boy. Three years later, he and I started going out. The year after, he and I got engaged. We were together another year and a half and decided to part ways. A year and a half later, he decided that he was going to begin a relationship with a man. Five years pass, and this boy I once loved announced to the world he is going to marry this man he was in a relationship with.
The end.

Update: It is really weird to be the woman in this case. I'm unsure how to feel. Was I just the experiment? The test? The need to try to convert?
It is really weird to think of someone I invested two years of my life into marrying someone else. A man. It is just a weird feeling, I can't describe it.


Anonymous said...

Why is this sad? If you weren't meant to be, then obviously things wouldn't work out.

Kelsey said...

Apparently you've never loved someone.

JKO said...

Meant to be or not, it can really hurt when a past love moves onto greener pastures (especially if you still have unresolved feelings about the situation). Obviously, you loved him very much and I can see how it might be especially painful to wonder if he ever really felt about you the way you felt about him. But somehow, I think that's all of our "first love" experiences. Because really, if they did love us as much as we loved them... wouldn't it have worked out? Sometimes "it wasn't meant to be" is a bitter pill to swallow. Other times, we realize we dodged a bullet and will be much happier for our choice to just walk away...

Kelsey said...

After talking to a friend, I think I have my thoughts more sorted out. I'm not necessarily "hurt" over the situation. It actually fascinates me.
I believe that marriage is three parts, mind, body and soul. Beyond a piece of paper, can two beings of the same sex be truly married and bring these three things to the relationship?
Is it a real marriage? But then comes the question regarding the parameters of marriage. For example, I have an ex-friend who I believe is in an open marriage. Is that a real marriage?
The whole world fascinates me.
It is not a matter of love. Love is not the issue. Love is a chemical reaction, anyone can have that chemical reaction over any number of things or persons.