Thursday, October 04, 2012

The "Major" Announcement

I've been tweeting that I have a "major" announcement for two days now. I suppose that is because two days ago I had a meeting with a counselor at school. I was very grateful to be matched with a counselor I have had in the past. I wanted to make sure I was on track to transfer to UCSD as a psychology major. He took a look at what I have, and what I would have to do to keep perusing my goal and told me it is a very very long and difficult road I have chosen and did I have any back up plans? My path I was going on had me at MJC for another 2.5 years minimum.
 I told him not really. So again he looked at my transcripts and asked me what I'm interested in. He said he saw I was strong in Sign Language, Humanities, and psychology. I told him I am interested in music but I do not want to be a music major. I told him that I have recently gotten involved in theater and have done some work in Hollywood. So again he looked at my transcripts, and with the help of, looked at me and said, "how would you like to be out of here in 2 semesters and graduate with an AA?"

Let's cut to the chase. I have 6 classes at MJC left and I will be GRADUATING in the spring of 2014 with my AA in Language studies. I am also now a Theater major and minoring in Psychology.
 the classes I need are:
-English 103 Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking
-Spcom 102 Introduction to Human Communication
-Thetr 100 Introduction to Theater Arts
-Thetr 160 Fundamentals of Acting
-Psych 103 Introduction to Neuroscience
- Bio 111 General Biology.

BAM. Transfer. 6 classes. That is two semesters. Spring 2013, fall 2013. Now the universities I am looking at do not accept mid year transfers, only fall students, so I am stuck here in Modesto for another spring.

Here is the next level: I took two years of high school Spanish  and three semesters of college level Sign Language. If I take:
-Span 101 Spanish 101
-Spcom 130 Intercultural Communication

BAM I have my AA in Language Studies and graduate, walk the stage.

That takes care of the last spring semester while I wait for my transfer to take place. In addition to my last 6 classes, I think I am going to add
-Hist 101 History of the United States to 1877
-Hist 102 History of the United States Post Civil War
because then I will also have the option of transferring to a university on the CSU level if I wish. I never knew I had these kind of options. This whole experience has been surreal.

I am so happy, I have focus, an obtainable goal now, and I still have my hopes of getting a degree in psychology at some point in the future.

God is good.

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