Sunday, September 30, 2012

Working Out Part II

Since Jordan is at Marine boot camp in San Diego, his small bedroom has been slowly folded up. First, I took his headboard, and passed off mine to McKenna. Next, David took his bed because he wanted a smaller bed. Then McKenna bought a treadmill from a friend, and turned his room into a gym. His room was upstairs so it is still hot up there much of the time. I have used the gym a few times, but I am still waiting until the weather cools off a bit more before I start a regular routine.
I started writing about music I believe last month. I started with sharing my workout playlist, and this is my continuation of that list

                                                      L.A Baby by The Jonas Brothers
Medium tempo song written to every person who has lived in LA, been to LA or wants to go to LA. This song perfectly captures the atmosphere of LA. A must listen to if you are in California, or running . Maybe running to California?

                                                  Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore
A bit of a darker song by Paramore, but it is a catchy up-tempo song. Hayley Williams has the voice of an angel.

                                                     Live to Party by the Jonas Brothers
 Theme song to JONAS. About getting together to party, dance, and music.

                                                 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) by Katy Perry
This song has an adult theme. It is about getting wasted over the weekend and not remembering what happened, then waking up to to aftermath of "last Friday night." I think it is a little funny to hear about it.

                                                        California Gurls by Katy Perry

This song is probably one of my 'theme' songs. I love California,  and living in California and even though most girls in California do not fit this description, in the LA area, there are plenty who do.
                                                        Firework by Katy Perry
 Awesome inspirational song.

                                                           We R Who We R by Kesha
 I'm not really into Kesha, but the song is upbeat and east to work out to.

                                                         Marry The Night by Lady Gaga
 I did not like many of the messages Lady Gaga sends out on her album "Born This Way"  but the music in this song is captivating.

                                                           Just Dance by Lady Gaga
This song is turning into a classic very quickly.

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