Thursday, August 23, 2012

Be True to Your School

The last blog I make was pretty long so I'll keep this pretty short. (Famous last words).
School begins in four days and I said I was planning on taking:

Engl 103 Advanced Composition & Critical Thinking
Math 121 Pre-Calculus 1
Cmpsc 204 Introduction to Programming

I am currently enrolled for Cmpsc 204, and I am number 9/17 on the wait list for Math 121, and number 11/12 on the wait list for Engl 103.
I took Cmpsc last fall and I got a "D" in it, but for a very stupid reason. I got "A's" on all of my tests, quizzes and homework, and came to every class, and spent countless hours in the computer lab. I failed to turn in 4 homework assignments, and they count for a large amount of the final grade. I am taking the same professor so I already have the book. I am not going to turn in my old assignments, I am going to really work hard and earn the grade I deserve in this class.
I'll be honest, I will not be 100% disappointed if I do not get into the math class. On one hand, it puts me a semester behind in transferring to UCSD, but on the other hand, it gives me a whole semester more to keep studying algebra in preparation for pre-cal.
I'd really like to get into English because I really want to be done with my English requirements. I actually messed up a bit. When I registered, I was number 2 on the wait list. MJC is now letting you know if you get into a class through your school email, and I rarely check it. I got in and was told I had 5 days to add the class, and I never did so I was dropped form the wait list. I had to re add it and now I am way down on the list. My own fault, I know.

I took time off from work to take band and choir, and volunteer at church. I am going to be super busy, but I am excited because besides working and studying, I've been a lazy bum all summer.

For the first time ever, I am looking forward to autumn, the weather changing and cooling off in preparation for the holidays. This season is going to be awesome I can tell. God is working already in my life.

My job is really frustrating me. I will spare you the details, but if you'd like to pray for me, pray that my manager's heart softens toward me. That is all, don't even pray for me, pray for my manager and my shifts.

Thank you all, I am truly blessed.

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