Monday, July 02, 2012

White Trash

Yesterday at work was interesting, as you can tell from the sort of conversation topics that take place. I mentioned one of them in a former post. My shift was also shortened. It was so I did not have to take a lunch break, and I am fine with that. Dad came to pick me up and told me he had some "interesting" news. He told me Nancy*, approached him at church and told him he could come over and collect some of my possessions, including the kitchen table that belonged to my grandparents, that was trusted to me. That included the 4 chairs my grandpa at one point reupholstered himself, and my grandma's dish set. These items are family heirlooms, Tim* had no connection to them, yet for almost a year, he hoarded them, a mere child holding on to as many possessions he could get his grubby hands on. To him, the world is not broken down into 'right and wrong.' He has decided to divide the world into 'whatever I can get is mine, and I can put any value into it as I wish.'

When Dad told me this news yesterday, I was really excited to be getting my possessions back. I mean I had my doubts. I have not had an easy time dealing with these people in the past, making difficult of the situation, saying mean things in front and behind my back, those sort of difficulties. I had a good, and thankful attitude about this, but I still had my doubts, as any safe person would.

It is arranged that I go over with one of my brothers and my dad. We drove over and there was a pile of stuff on the front lawn. Oh wait...that was my stuff on the front lawn! At least they kept the table and chairs and dishes inside. So I followed Nancy, Dad and my brother into the house so help with the items inside and I guess a door slammed in my face means I was not welcome in to help. I can be very awkward so i went back to the wait. What else was I going to do?

The inventory that was left for me on the front grass, like some white trash family, included a few books, clothes I do not wear (my Sea World uniforms), a few shoes (I didn't say they all matched), a large amount of towels (that are not mine, I guess they are now), and a few sheets (that are lacking the matching comforter and pillow cases).

I have a whole load of things I am not currently in possession of that are rightfully mine. There is a second dish set my mother purchased, various clothes (including shoes, dresses, pants), books, DVD's, papers and documents, my SCUBA gear, bedding, and other general nick-knacks, like figurines etc.

 So let's clarify here. When Nancy told my Dad he could come over and collect my things, what she meant to say was *he* could come over and pick up a few selected items she picked out that were in her way.

This may seem a bit on the harsh side, but I am not sharing any false information (except for the names of the people involved, out of respect for them).
I decided that I am going to start sharing bits of what happened during my last relationship, with caution, no false information, and discretion for the peoples involved. I have no shame, nothing to hide, and no regrets.

Until next time my friends...

*Names have been changed

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