Sunday, July 01, 2012


At work this morning, there was a discussion taking place: because a guy like cats, does that make him gay? I know this is the psychology major in me saying this, but I can not make the connection between cats and a man's sexual orientation. I've known plenty of straight men who like cats. There are also plenty of men in the world who are indifferent I'm sure, they don't particularly like cats, but they do not dislike cats either.
Am I being completely closed-minded? I actually think I am being more open-minded then those who claimed that guys liking cats makes them gay. I'm trying to see 'how' or 'why' they might make that assumption. I've taken many psychology courses, including human sexualities, and I never came across that because one 'likes' or 'dislikes' something, that automatically steers them toward a sexual orientation.
Now one could argue house cats versus wild cats. When I worked at Six Flags, all of the tiger trainers were men, and I do not know of any of them being homosexual. I also worked with two straight men, and we worked directly with cougars, cheetahs, servals and caracals, all cats.
Again, I am probably taking this way further then most people would.


Samantha J. Clark said...


I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with whether or not someone is gay. That sounds like super bogus theory to me.

Kelsey said...

I'm sure it was a harmless, boredom driven conversation, but as I said, the psychology major in me has to give this *way* too much thought.