Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stupid Is As Stupid Does...

In the fall of 2006, I took a psychology class about learning. That branch of psychology covers so much material including, rewarding, punishment, memory, dreaming, motivation and, conditioning.
There are also two basic types of learning. One requires repetitive practice, like how to tie your shoelaces. The other type is an instant learning, like touching a hot stove, and learning that it is hot. One dislikes the experience of burning, and pain so unless someone is really stupid, the chances a person is going to touch a hot stove are slim to none, at least on purpose.

I fall into the stupid category. Not when it comes touching stoves. I've never burned myself on purpose. But when it comes to getting hurt, I'm about as stupid as they come. I very well know how to avoid it, but for unknown reasons, I still think I'm a self-destructive person.

This all has to do with good news. No really, it does. When I have good or exciting news, naturally I want to share it. Who wouldn't want to share good and exciting news, opportunities etc.? I have tried to decide if it is just *me,* am I the problem, or are my opportunities the problem? If one of my brothers or sisters had the exact same news, would they be allowed to pursue it or just got shot down like I have countless times?

I have had many times in my life when I've had exciting opportunities proposed to me. I can think of three times in the last eight months specifically. The first time happened last October. This is going to be a rather long tangent, so just hang in there and I'll get to my point.

There is a company my family is involved with. They are called Proscout. The first thing you do is go to an open call. They are not an agency, they do not take money. I guess you could list them under the 'scout' category. I went in the fall of 2010 and the guy who interviewed me told me he liked my look, that I was cute, but he wanted to see me get a little experience. So I did. In the summer of 2011, I got involved in theater, was in two musicales, in addition to my regular band. I also got involved in choir at school.  This past fall I went back to another open call and I was invited to an 'event.' The guy who interviewed me was impressed that I came back and had done what they advised. Now this event is basically a convention. Proscout tracks down 40-60 of the world's leading agencies for modeling, acting etc. Not just agencies but the big boys like Ford, Next, bmg, Fusion, and many more. An average actor/model spends days, weeks or any amount of time going door to door trying to find an agent. At the Proscout convention, they bring all the models to you at once, to see you. It is a huge opportunity, and to some, an honor to be invited to an event.

Last fall I was invited to a December event in Anaheim, Ca. I was so excited when I got the news. I did not tell anyone I was going to the open call in case I was not invited like the previous year. But since I was invited, I went home to share my news. I was not embraced with happiness, as my brothers and sisters were when they got their invitation.  I was pelleted with doubts, and walls, I was shot down without a moment of "congratulations", "I'm so proud of you" or "this is a wonderful opportunity." My good moment....gone. It hurt so much that the people who God placed in my life to love and support me the most, let me down the hardest.

The second time I had good news, another opportunity, was in November (or December, I do not remember the exact time). I had an audition in San Francisco, with a major entertainment company. I was so excited for this audition, I had taken weeks to prepare for it. I had cleared my schedule, and made the proper arrangements. San Francisco is not too far away, about an hour and a half driving depending on the traffic. At the last minute I was forced to cancel my plans for no apparent reason. There was not a single reason, I was going to pay for gas myself, and there were no plans that requited the car to be at home that day. Good news = sabotaged plans. Once again.

The third time, and point of my whole post happened just today.

To backtrack, I got to attend a Proscout event in March of this year, finally. I met someone. He is one of the most sought out acting coaches in Hollywood. He has worked with Disney channel stars, been nominated for an Emmy, been in in over 50 commercials and numerous other jobs in Hollywood. His name is Chambers Stevens. I got to work with him one on one in Anaheim. I took a two hour workshop with him, and then stuck around to talk with him and I got invited to his Hollywood Boot camp. It is a three day 'camp' with Chambers and he really works with you on nailing auditions. I had an amazing conversation with him and I talk a bit more about it in my YouTube video which I'll set up links for at the end of this post.
Anyways, my sister and I have been in contact with Chambers assistant, Tyler for months, even since the event in March. There have been a few phone calls also. Today, McKenna and I were in the car taking Nina to church and my phone rang. It is usually either my mom or dad calling so when I looked down to see who was calling, I was surprised to see a longer name appear than just "Mom" or "Dad." When I saw the name "Chambers Stevens" appear, I freaked out. I had McKenna answer my phone. She then put it on speaker and I talked to Chambers assistant, Tyler. He told me he had been going through the emails we have sent back and forth the last three months and invited me to chambers boot camp. I was so excited. I told Tyler that my sister was also here and interested and he was pleased to hear that too. We told him a little about our family, our performing past and present etc. He seemed impressed and gave some dates to look at. I told him I would have to get back to him, he said by Friday by email.

Wow let me recap you: my sister and I got invited by one of the biggest acting coaches in
Hollywood to his personal boot camp.

When McKenna and I got home, our good news was shot down again, and I am currently devastated. McKenna and I have 2 days to come up with a way to go, and I am hopeful. But in the long run, I do not think this opportunity is going to become a reality.

I am praying about this, because this is a HUGE deal to me, and one of the biggest opportunities I've ever come across.  I am hopeful, I am open, I am interested to see if God will provide, or if He as something else planned.

Until next time, my friends...

My Proscout event Video 1
My Proscout event Video 2


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