Sunday, September 19, 2010


This week has been crazy. McKenna went into the Oakland hospital last Saturday. On Friday, Mom took Jordan to a choir thing in Fresno so Greg and I had to take McKenna, Shannon, Lynnsey and Nina to school. Tuesday, Greg and I went to see McKenna and that was fine. We brought Gilmore Girls, a Season of Battlestar Galatica and a season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I also brought her some books to read. Mom has been getting calls that McKenna has not been doing what was requested of her. Greg saw that she was reluctant of what to do, but she ended up doing it. So mom went out there to get things straightened out so Greg and I were her driving service again today. I do not mind it a single bit, I wish Greg would have a better attitude about it.
I found my laptop damaged this week. I sometimes use it in bed and then when I am done I will fold it up and slide it under the bed. Well something happened, a cat or a book or something. I am not sure. the screen is cracked and I have this thing hooked up to a computer monitor. the keyboard works, the touch pad, and everything in the hard drive is there. Just no screen. So I have an awkward conglomeration of a set up, but it works for now.
School is going alright. I dropped my psych class because I was unable to log in to the website. Being an online class, this was essential. I dropped my English class because it was a partial online class and I was not able to log in. I e-mailed the professor 4 times and she never got back to me. I also dropped my math class because it has been over 4 years since I took a math class and during the review, I remembered learning all of the material, I just couldn't remember how to do the work. so I got an advanced algebra book and am going through it here and there to wake up my brain. Greg was disappointed I dropped the math class. I explained to him that I was not going to pass and the professor recommended I drop the class. He did not understand and is still slightly angry with me. Again, he needs to improve his attitude. He told me the only reason we came home from Florida was so I could go to school and that it was not worth it if I am only taking Chemistry, Swimming and Band. He does not understand that it is time to grow up. For me, that means going to school and that means he needs to get a job. Well I have to leave so I will continue the thought of leaving Florida later.

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