Friday, September 24, 2010

I have been spending a lot of time looking through my MJC catalog and looking through trying to find out what direction I want to take my college career. I am leaning toward psychology because I enjoy learning psychology and I am pretty good at understanding it. The problem is that MJC does not have a psychology program. They have several classes, but I could not transfer with an AA in psychology nor do I think I could transfer without an AA but still as a psychology major. So I am looking at Biology, Chemistry or Music. I liked Biology when I was in high school and I did alright in it. To get into the biology classes at MJC, I need to get through a couple of chemistry classes. I did not do well in Chemistry in high school. I have also taken it in college. Once at SDMC and I got a D. So I tried to do it again last year again at SDMC and I had to drop the class. I was doing well in it last year. So I am not taking Chemistry at MJC and I feel like I am doing well. I understand the material, I like how the class is run and I like the book and the amount of work we are assigned. So my thought is if chemistry continues to go well like it is so far, maybe I should try to earn my AA in chemistry then transfer to a university and switch to psychology? Should I try to move band into college Biology and see how I like it?
Even after I get through all of these decisions, which university should I try to transfer into? I'm pretty sure I want to stay here in California. I am not even concerning myself over cost because well I do not need to think about that right now. It will work itself out somehow.
I should probably go do some chemistry homework because I have my first test this Wednesday and I am planning on going over to watch Scrubs with Jordan later. Until next time...

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