Sunday, January 13, 2008

Current mood:fascinated
     I think I have the most unbalanced and wide selection of friends and acquaintances. I’m not sure if I’ve ever really hung out with someone on my own level. They are either knowledgeable over my head, or way under than I. Most of the people I know these days are music majors, or do not know the difference between an elbow and an oboe. I’m way in the middle of the subject there. My knowledge of animals, theme parks, and psychology are way above other people. Then there is the classic "I’m taking Calculus" "Dang Einstein." Yeah not really. I mean sure I like math, but I’m no math major haha. I have my strengths and weaknesses like everyone else, just in much different places.
     So school started this last week I’m not taking as many classes as I wish I could because I’ve always been in the position of putting myself through college. So I’m limiting myself to swimming, Calculus, Psychology and band. All of my classes are going very well so far. All of my math homework is submitted online, and for the most part, I am caught up. The weird thing is, I’ve been taking out some old books and polishing up my algebra.
     My job has been very disappointing lately. I worked two days last week, and no days this week. I really need a job with more hours. The money is not coming in fast enough. The faster I get money, the faster I get my butt back in Sea World or even Six Flags. The whole deal with my car is very handicapping. I feel so bad when I think of the coming summer. The thing that scares me the most in life is wasting a summer. I mean at the time, I am scared to death. Jittery, anxious and a great many other words.
Keep me in mind my friends.

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