Friday, July 06, 2007

Current mood:hot
I was 21 for about 40 whole minutes before I ended up on the side of highway 12 with a cop on my tail. And this is no joke. No, I'm completely 100% serious. OK, so I was not in trouble, but had a flat haha, got you! I got a random flat on my way to Modesto at 12:40 in the morning, and as I was waiting, a cop pulled over and called AAA for me. Then he waited with me for about 45 minutes for them to show up and change my tire. So to kill time, I grilled the cop and made him play 20Q (20 Questions, the little electronic version) with me. So that was fun, and slightly uneventful. As soon as I got back on the road, Chris (A very good friend from my San Diego Days), called me to wish me a Happy Birthday. He and I talked for like 30 minutes. I haven't talked to him in about 6 months. So yesterday was a plethora of phone calls, text messages, and heat. It be *nasty* hot here! To cool off, Dad and I took the other girls down to the Mo-Band concert. Mom joined us there and it was just a fun night out. Then we came back and I got my Harry Potter BD party down at Grandmas down the street.  So it was quite an interesting 21st, but probably not the most bizarre.

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