Monday, February 05, 2007

Current mood:lonely
Working at Starbucks is going pretty well. I'm glad to be back making coffee, and helping customers and being on a register. Yeah I missed being in the world of coffee and people and money haha. I still miss Sea World with all of my heart. I am so ready to be back in San Diego, in the big city, at the beach, at Sea World with my friends. My semester at school ends on May 24. Then I am so out of Napa.

I am so sick of being single, when it seems like almost everyone I know is either married, engaged or at least have a boyfriend. I'm not out there desperately looking out for a man, but it would be nice to have a decent relationship in my life  to remember.

It would be nice to have anyone at this point. In Napa, I don't really have any friends, and I'm honestly not seeking friends, because I'm anticipating leaving in three months. Also, my aunt is busy working, and having her own life, and that's cool. It leaves me alone most of the time. I've been going home to Modesto for the past three or four weekends. This weekend, I've been hanging out with Brianna, and it has been so good to see her. I think the last time we saw each other was in San Diego when I took her to Sea World. That was the best! It's an interesting thing, I miss Sea World and San Diego  through seeing her. I'm just missing everything right now. So I'm in a meh mood =/

Wants: a fresh relationship, San Diego, Sea World

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