Friday, January 12, 2007

Current mood:excited
I got through December in a blur. I had 6 finals, worked about 20 hours a week and moved twice, plus got to go home and celebrate Christmas with the family. I am living in Northern California, and so far, it has not been to bad. I plan on going to school here and until my transcripts get here (hopefully on Tuesday) I plan on taking swimming, music of some sort, Chem and, ASL II
Actually, I've been really good recently. I've haven't felt so Kelsey in a long time. I'm wearing my hair down, I'm reading, I'm wearing silly socks.

All in all, I have school to look forward to, space to swim, and horses to feed and work. I miss Sea World and my coworkers like crazy, but I'm going to be back there in no time!

Ok, I'll keep you all posted!

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