Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Current mood:thoughtful
So I wrote out this long update a few weeks back, and the server went down as I was publishing it, and I lost all of it. then this afternoon, I wrote another deep meaningful post and Ben accidently restarted the computer. So here I try again.

Last Tuesday, Brianna come down and saw me. It was so wonderful We went to Old Town,  Sea World and we dyed my hair. It's darker brown finally with a hint of red. It was just wonderful seeing her.
Then the day she left, my family came down for a few days. It was so great to have them here. Things went well. I took them to church and  Sea World. Mom and Grammy had a blast. Everyone got really wet at the dolphin show.
I didn't realize how much I miss them until they got here. I'm so sad to see them leave. Also, this past week or so, I've felt lost in life. I feel like I'm drifting through life and I'm not headed anywhere. I'm not in school right now, I'm working a dead end job and I'm not even sure what I want to do with my life. Maybe I'll just shake this off. But then again, David isn't doing well and maybe I should take a few months off. I like the thought of not having rent, electric bills and hell not working for a bit. I'm tired. I'm torn. I'm in a funk. If I did go home, how would that strain my relationship with Ben? How would it strain the relationship with my mother?
Questions, decisions, thoughts...

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