Monday, June 26, 2006

Current mood:sleepy
There are times when I miss home (Modesto) like hell. Then when I do go, I remember why I left. Some times were great, I went to Nina's kindergarten graduation, Jordan's 6th grade graduation, my parent's 25th anniversary party, plus  I got my birthday recognized. Oh! I also performed in MoBand. So much fun ^_^. I hadn't touched my clarinet in over 6 months, and my chops were not in as bad condition as I thought they were going to be. Got to see Mickalyn and Maribel and hang out with them a bit. I also forgot how boring Modesto can be. Mickalyn and I tried to go bowling and mini golfing. But we decided at the last minute that we are too cheap to do that xD.
So yesterday was my first day back at work in a week, and I walked in and I did not recognize a single person. They hired so many new people this week, it was so weird. And a bit frustrating. As good as I am at training people, I hate doing it. I like everything and everyone to know how to work already. But it's alright for now. It's good to be back at work.
Went and hung out at the park tonight with Ben, because I don't think we have been there at night before. So we saw the Pets Rule! show the dolphin show, the  Sea lions Tonite show and Shamu's House of Douse. I never tire of seeing any of the Shamu shows. I just get so excited every single time I see it. It is just a matter of time, I feel so close to being there at this point right now. I decided I'm going to try to be in the pool swimming at least 4 days a week in the fall. I also got a call back this week from the humane society and they are forwarding my application. So I'm going to be a volunteer! this is going to be so good for my resume.
So a lot of good things going on right now

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