Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Current mood:thoughtful
I often wonder how people see as opposed to how *I* see me. Does one person see me differently than another person? People see me only as hard working, bossy, strict with my hair in a bun and dark eye make-up. My friends from high school saw me as a dedicated but quiet band member, a little outcast, a little geeky, everybody's buddy but no one's honey. I think my roommate sees me as someone who is easy to talk into anything.
I see myself as a hard worker, a little lazy, a little geeky, love music, love books love old musicals, love the beach, everybody's buddy, easy going and I get along with everyone. I feel myself changing. I'm such a surfer want to be. I mean I've been surfing like once, but I love the style of wearing whatever  I want and looking good in it. But I've been wearing dresses lately, worrying about how my shoes go with this outfit and such, how is my hair? how is my make up?
How do you see me? How do I want to be seen?

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