Saturday, May 06, 2006

Current mood:distressed
Ok you all know I live in San Diego. I love my job, I love school, I'm having a great life. Well here is a story. My current roommate moved in with me in January. We were good friends in high school, and it's been working out really well. But now she needs to move back home for personal reasons. So unless I find a roommate by June, it looks I'm going to lose everything I have and I will have to move back to Modesto. I will lose my job at Sea World, I will lose my perfect apartment, and Ben said I might even lose him. So this is a desperate cry for help. Is there anyone out there who wants to move to San Diego? I have a 1 bedroom apartment, and splitting the rent would make your half be $450 a month. I really want to stay here, because I have a wonderful life, and it's being taken all away from me in a puff of smoke. So yeah get back to me please if you or anyone you know is interested!

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