Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Current mood:happy
I know I haven't updated in forever. Well working at Sea World has been a blast so far, I'm loving my job. I work mostly at S.S. Sweet Tides. the ice cream and fudge shop that is part of the bakery. I see Shamu every day and sometimes hang out in the park during my free time on days I'm not working. This summer is going to be so great.
I know every couple has their little differences and quirks. Ben and mine are really interesting because he was raised on the East Coast. So there are some really weird differences between us. It's not bad, we make fun of each other and try to convince the other that we are the one who is right. For example, if we have ice cream in the freezer and its rock hard, I think its fine to defrost it in the microwave, and if I do that, he won't touch it. I don't keep maple syrup, or parmesan cheese in the refrigerator after it's been opened. He hates being messy or sticky, so he won't eat Sloppy Joes, which is probably one of my favorite foods. He doesn't like lip balm or chapstick or whatever, or lotion. He is probably more anal about his hair than I am. He can not for whatever reason wear a shirt that is even the slightest bit wrinkled, and he will wait up all hours of the night waiting for his dryer to finish so he can hang up all of his clothes the instant they are dry. I can't really think of anything else at the moment, but yes we are a very odd couple.
School is very tough right now. I've never been a full time college student, and I think that is going to be my goal for the fall. Work at Sea World on the weekends and go to school full time.
Well time to go fail another calculus test!

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