Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Post time! Well I am frustrated to pieces because I don't have any music to listen to. I am sick to death of my music, and Ben's music is good to listen to, just not when I'm in a truly "Kelsey" mood. The album I have been craving for a month now is the soundtrack to The Chronicles of Narnia. I've heard samples of it online, and it is something I would like to add to my collection. I'm actually frustrated because I feel like I have no music in my life anymore. I haven't touched my clarinet in almost three months, and it makes me literally sick to think about that fact. I really need to play, in something. I might try to go back to the band at Mesa, I'm not sure, I left them on bad terms last time, kind of like I did with Fever () . So yeah Chronicles of Narnia= happy Kelsey.
Day before yesterday, Carolyn and I got most of our errands done. She got to the Social Security office and got another card. Oh she got a job at the bookstore where I used to work! Kudos to her . So then we went to Mission Valley so I could join the Union and get my Food handlers card. It was a long day and a long story but in short, we got it all done.
Then yesterday was absolutely horrible. I talked to my boss the day before explaining how I needed to leave work a little early so I could go back to Mission Valley to obtain my food card. So I told my supervisor the deal (and explained why I came to work an hour early to make up for lost time) and she was totally pissed off and thoroughly chewed me out. Then for the rest of my shift, decided to make me as miserable as I could have been. She was so mean , she even took me aside and chewed me out for not having communication skills. 0_o. I came so close to crying two times. Ugh just horrible. So I hope I did alright by pulling my own weight and then some for the lost time. Man I was out of there so fast!
So then I went to the 3 hour Food handlers class, passed the test and now I am a certified Food Handler. Cool huh?
So then Calculus last night was hard. I sat there or 3 hours and I have no idea what we are doing...*so lost* So I think I'm going to go back and see if I can teach myself how to do anti derivatives, indefinite integrals, integration using logarithmic and exponential functions, and definite integrals and areas

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