Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm watching Oprah (make fun of me all you want, I don't have cable) and Celine Dion is on today and the 2 of them are celebrating "miracle babies." Which is really cool. Celine is an absolute doll, I have loved her for years and years. (Before her Titanic days).
I hate fads. I think they are shallow, and are usually pretty stupid. If one follows a fad, I believe that that shows they have no desire to stand out in society and they are just stooping to become another robot. I think one of the stupidest things I've seen here are huge sunglasses. I don't think they look good, they look really silly. They look like glasses Carol Channing wears, huge, bright and silly.
Other fads I hate are: Lance Armstrong's bracelets, "Wicked" the musical (I like it, I hate that it has become a fad), high heeled shoes and jeans (casual and formal do not mix), meal bars (just eat an apple gee wiz), "messy" hairstyles, charities around Christmas (why not give any other time of the year?), things along these lines. These are my thoughts, I did not direct these ideas toward anyone. I used "I think," so no one has any right to slam me. just my thoughts
I'm out!

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