Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Well I never quite got around to finishing that last post. The shots were amazing. The sad thing was Ben and I missed the concert. Call was at 6. So we thought if we left at 4, that would give us time to get home, shower, and become all pretty come concert time. So we head out at about 3:45 back to the car, get there just after 4. Backed out and didn't move again for hours. No the car didn't die. That's how horrible traffic was. I'm not kidding either. most of the other people including us turned off our engines. There was no way to get back into a parking spot either. So we were literally parked. After a couple of hours (the call time coming and going) the twilight show began, so we decided to stay for that. Even though Dad and I have been going to air shows all our lives, neither of us had seen a night show. It was impressive. Except we were so cold and just not prepared. So we left (as the concert was starting). It took us an hour to get out of the base. So the concert was missed, but the air show kicked so much butt, there is a lack of butt in San Diego.
Then on Sunday morning the three of us went to Saddleback Church in the Mission Viejo area, about an hour up the freeway. The pastor is Rick Warren the author of The Purpose Driven Life. So that was kind of cool seeing him.  I haven't been to a church at all in three months. I didn't realize how much I missed it. Also, I loved not knowing anyone there. I'm still not sure about it in general, but I think I want to go back soon.
School last week was pretty good. I'm pretty caught up in al my classes now. I have my regular work, but I don't think I'm seriously behind anymore. This past weekend went a little out of control, so I'm taking a few weeks from the party scenes. Catch my breath and all. Carolyn came down and we decided that she, Priscilla and I are going to live together. I think it will be ok, we all have our lives and all. It's going to be a ton cheaper to live here at least xD.
Well I think that's all for now, I'm out!

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