Saturday, September 03, 2005

From BriZanna'a site:

Thank you Samantha (I got this from her xanga)!
There is the cover for tomorrow's issue of Parade. It should be in everyone's Sunday morning newspaper. MAKE SURE YOU READ IT!!! IT'S IMPORTANT. Plus, Brianna and Billy are suppose to be in it. Clip it out and frame it, okay?! I sure am.
But please, please, PLEASE read the little magazine and please, if you have a chance, watch the MDA Telethon. You won't regret it. It ROCKS!!! If you can, donate some money. Every penny makes a difference. I also encourage you all... how about.. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU ALL to donate $5 to the MDA and $5 for hurricane relief through the telethon.
You've been double dog dared.
Therefore you HAVE to do it.

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