Monday, July 11, 2005

So Saturday night was my B Day party. Man that was so cool. I haven't had a real B Day party in probably 10 years. Bri-Z came I was so happy to see her. I'm not into the whole gift thing, but man m friends are great. Couldn't ask for more books at the moment.
Sunday I was supposed to do child care for the 2 church services plus the Sunday school hour. So I would have been working from about 8:20 until 12:15.  So I go and work from 8:20 until about 9:40, when is wen I regular work. Then for the Sunday school hour, they didn't need any help because there were 2 other girls already working. So I told them where I would be if they needed me. Which they never did. Then at about 10:50, I go and check in on them and they have no kids. So I just go home. It was dandy.
Then last night my moms  sisters came by with their daughters to stop by for the night before they went on to Bass Lake for the week. So that was cool to see them. Went over to Ben's anyways.  Then last night to top it off, he had me drive home. I had never been so scared. Well maybe except the time my cat died when I was 14, but man was I jittery. I know but well that's me.
Today, not a whole lot going on. Helped out a bit around the house and read a bit. Haven't eaten anything except 2 pieces of toast early this morning, so I'm a little starving.
I'm out!

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