Monday, July 04, 2005

So many exciting things have been going on lately. Mexico was totally amazing. We got a lot of work done for the ranch. Cindy and I got our hair cornrowed, and we took it out yesterday afternoon.

 But also the same day we had that done, we went horseback riding on the beach! I hadn't been riding in 2 years. But of man we went riding on the beach. Can you imagine? I still can't believe it.
The weather was perfect. Mid 80's all week. I heard it was hotter here at home.
Things with Ben and are great as always. Parts  I'm not sure if I want to share yet, but when I do, people will know about it. We have been looking at apartments in San Diego now. Going to be moving in less than 2monthes. I'm so excited. Well I had better wrap this up for now.
I'm out!

UPDATED: pictures added 2013-7-11

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