Friday, June 24, 2005

Our family went to Boomers! and played golf for David's 16th birthday, and McKenna's graduation. It was pretty fun, she won out of everyone with a final score of 46.
Mo Band was a lot of fun last night. I'm going to miss playing this week. Oh well, I got Mexico. We leave in the morning! I have to finish packing, I got all my shirts and pants, but I only have like 2 pairs of socks at the moment. So I'm a little "AH" right now. Grandma is downstairs, she came over for pizza dinner. I'm so stuffed and so tired. But NO I can sleep tomorrow on the way. I'm probably going to be up a little late tonight getting ready.
Swimming has been so amazing for me this past week or so. I feel as though I've been growing and gaining strength by doing so. On Tuesday we started practicing flip-turns, and they were giving me a headache, but yesterday, I was doing them without pain. I was so excited. they take so much energy to do. I'm not totally fluent, but I can do them! But yeah this past week I swam double to make up for this coming up week. So I have been swimming about 2 miles a day. I'm going to miss it this week. Maybe I can get some running in or something this week. The ranch is so beautiful in the mornings <3
Well I have to get some work done, I have another idea for a post, so I'll be thinking about that this week, as I get my words in order and experience a bit on the subject.
I'm out!

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