Saturday, June 18, 2005

The final went pretty good I think. I'm not *too* worried about it. Man it rained on Thursday and the Mo Band concert got rained out. Oh man was I sad. And It wasn't like I could go home and do homework. So I think I played like an hour of GameCube with Jordan and went to bed at like 10.
So Friday went and cleaned Grandma's apartment, I enjoy doing it, because its like the only time she and I get to talk and things. So then did a lot of nothing yesterday, made dinner (turned out very nicely. We hah dinner last night because we didn't know if Dad would be working on Fathers day or not.). Then went to the church  choir last night at FMC. IT was really nice, I like going to concerts that I'm not involved in sometimes. But it made me sad that I did not get to perform on Thursday. Oh man I love being on stage, the crowd, the rush...^_^ Anyways, the concert was really nice, went home with Ben and watched FMA for a few hours. Came home and we both fell asleep. Yeah I got him up a few hours later hehe, and here I am now. What a life huh? Oh yeah, I have another babysitting job tonight, and tomorrow at church we are having a luau. Now this is going to be the most modest luau I think in the history of Hawaiian history. But still, its the thought that counts.
Well Mexico in a week, I'm hungry so I'm out!

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