Thursday, June 16, 2005

Meh my favorite web site closed. I'm so sad. That's where I got ALL of my Sea World/whales information/gossip. I'm so peeved. No I don't know where I am going to get any new information. I mean they had so much info about all the whales, dolphins in almost every park. Plus they had so many links. I think I only saved like 3-4 od them. And they were old sites as well. Meh meh meh.
Mo Band was as always fun last night. Plying some great music, there are some old faces there, it's cool. The thing is it's supposed to rain tonight and the concert is out doors. Well I think the band I covered, but hehe for the rest of the people.
So after practice last night, went out with Mickalyn, Carolyn, Melina and Louise (I think that's how her name is spelled) But we went to Denny's and man they have HORRIBLE service. I was so mad at them. But we got pie and fries and cheese sticks. I haven't seen Carolyn in a long time and I miss her.
Well hehe I have a final in 20 minutes, I think I'm going to go study till then.
I'm out!

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