Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This might explain why I am so passionate about wanting to be a trainer. Ok now after reading this, I'm going to sound like  a total phony, but let me explain. If whales could be free, I would do everything to support it. But the sad truth is they can never be totally free. Kieko, the Free Willy whale was never truly free. He lived in a ocean pen and then when he was released after years and years of training for freedom, well it didn't go well. He traveled over 1000 miles and ended up alone in Norway. Recently, scientists have been studying the languages of cetaceans, and they develop and vary over time and space. Pods have their own languages, and there are theories that Keiko was not fluent in any language. So his communication skills were not good. Also, he could not truly feed himself. He had people feed him and he lived off of salmon farms. Keiko was never truly free.
So if captive whales can never be truly free, I want to help them have the best life in captivity they can. I have such a love for these animals, and maybe if you take time and read a few of these stories, you might have a better idea of why I do not support captivity, but still want to so what I can do. I got this story from the Orca Oasis
Moby Doll

In Memory

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