Saturday, April 16, 2005


Wee today was awesome. Went up to Lincoln to see Brianna, even though it was Craig's B-day. I haven't seen them since they moved back in December. But omg I got the thrill of riding on her uncles black Harley. OMG it was so cool!!!. So yeah, I can die happy. Um we also watched Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story, watched her cousins go on their waterslide, and looked at the college she and I might be going to if Hawaii doesn't work out.
So now I'm home and having one of those conversations with Ben that I think is going to end up with us arguing over who is going to "hang up first" or in this case, go to bed first.
Well I had better close this. Not much else going on in my world at the moment. Just a lot of "cute" talk you really don't want to hear about.
I'm out!

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