Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Saw Miss Congeniality 2 last night with Ben. It was funny. It had a pretty ok plot and they had all the same people playing the same characters. So for a sequel, it was pretty darn ok.
Man this is so embarrassing. I am beyond having no clothes. Our washing machine kind of died on us this past week, so I have to go over to my grandmas to do a load today. I don't wear "T-shirts" anymore, and I've tapped into my T-shirts. I have a lot of them and don't get rid of them 1) Mexico shirts I can use 2) they carry many memories. I have a lot of my Mo Hi band shirts, camp shirts, church shirts/YWAM shirts. I like them, but I don't like they way they look on me. If I get enough and I get the nerve and time, maybe I can make a blanket out of them or something. (wOOt found my Kauai shirt).
So in the movie last night, the climax takes place at Treasure Island in Vegas. Its so cool, cause I've been there, plus like every other casino on the strip. Well except the Bellagio. I think that's the one that is strictly 21+. But I've been to most of the others.
The other movie that takes place where I've been is Disney Channel's The Thirteenth Year. It's filmed at Newport Beach and Balboa Island. So many movies are cool when you know where things are and you think "wow I've been there"
Well I had better get going. I have English in a half an hour. Oohh and I have a cleaning date with Cindy this Friday and Saturday. First my room on Friday, the I'm going over there for the night to tackle her rooms on Saturday.  So wOOt for that.
I'm going to be in Disneyland in 2 weeks!!!
I'm out!

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