Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My friends are important to me. My whole life, I have put them and their opinions before any relationship. Relationships don't usually last forever, and friendships do. So when the relationship ends, you have your friends to fall back on. It's important to keep friendships alive and well during periods of relationships. I also think your real friends have some say in what you do in your life. They know you so well, and so they know what is best for you, better then you do. In a  in way, if you don't take their advice, it is showing you don't trust your friend. I think they have more say in some decisions than they are given credit for. A long time ago, I was in a relationship, and Brianna told me she didn't feel right about it. I was so twiterpated that I told her" no its ok" But when I look back at it, she was right. There were many things wrong, that she saw and I didn't. I still feel bad that I didn't listen to her. But in a way, I guess I had to learn that for myself. I've gotten better about listening to my friends. I hope you can trust your friends enough to put them before any relationship you get into now or in the future. I've been asking my friends about the one I am in right now, and all the feedback has been positive so far.
So take my advice: 1)Don't blow off your friends over a boy/girl. They are probably not going to be around forever. 2) Listen to your friends. They know you a lot better then you think you do. 3) As a friend, give them truthful and good advice. Think what is best for them and not for you.
I've learned this throughout the years, and it has served me well.
I'm out!

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