Sunday, March 06, 2005

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Oh my good golly gosh! Man today was such a time warp. We went to church in Fremont, the church we went to before we moved to Modesto. People were totally shocked to see how tall I was. Maybe I am tall. Is 5 feet 6 inches tall?
So church was pretty cool. Except when ever I was asked what I was studying for in school. When I said I was studying to be a marine mammal it just really hurts me to have people say "oh that's different", "that's interesting." It was not in an "oh that's so cool" way it was in "well there is someone who can't decide on a real profession" tone. It was very hurtful, to be treated like. I don't know.....a disease- interesting to look at, but never wanting contact with. Maybe it was just those rich Bay Area people I used to be a part of.
The Lyons we ALWAYS went to after church on Sundays had closed (omg how could it close?), so we went to a new place: The Original Pancake House. I'm not a huge fan of pancakes, but these were pretty good. Had some really interesting conversations with my grandma and grandpa. It was nice to be finally be talked to as an adult in my own family. The conversations were not all nice and pleasant though. Our property up in Orland is in really bad shape. Including not insured. It was a really lovely piece of property and there was a window of opportunity to be able to fix it up. It is just too far damaged now and my grandparents are just so sad about it. We don't know what to do.
Well what else? We stopped in on a few friends, like people we have known since I was 4 years old. So it was a trip to see them again. Its has been so long, I had to be introduced to their children. They were charming.
So just got back from Cindy's b day dinner, that was fun, I'm glad I'm seeing more of her. I hope it continues. Oh and Mickalyn is coming home in 2 weeks!!!Omg I'm so excited. OK I'm out!

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