Monday, January 17, 2005

Well this weekend wasn't dull. Helped out the best I could at the county honor band concert. It was alright. I just feel apathetic about it. Just sort of whatever. I helped out. No good feelings, no bad feelings.
School is quickly absorbing me and all of my time. But I just have to remember where it is taking me. I have a butt load of homework to do today. I  have I think 3 sections of math left, 20 references for my speech class and I need another book for English and a short story to read. So if I just sit down like I did last night, I'm sure I'm going to finish it. I was up till 11 last night working in homework. Sad huh? Well it gets the job done.
Well, not much else in my life. Mickalyn and I have given up on love it seem like. We are both off of the market, don't ask. Two broken hearts, 2500 miles between sistas, and a hand full of regret. I'm out!
PS: I want to fly away to the stars. Be free of the world that has hurt me so. Is there such a place, where the sky can be touched? Where the moon comes out and plays? If so, take me there. The world is an evil place, and the stars and I have much to talk about.
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