Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ok I have to post this. I woke up with this image, cause well I has this in a dream.
So we wee all somewhere I don't know where. But we were watching Melina's home movies. I think her mom had just had a baby, and we were watching the home movies of the baby. Then all of a sudden, Cindy announced her birthday slumber party. I was all "Oh no." She said, "First we are going to give each other hair make overs, then make up, and we are going to talk about boys all night!" Mickalyn and I looked at each other and were all like "Oh heck no." And for some strange reason, she planned it to be at Brianna's house, and didn't even ask them if it was ok. And at the time, Cindy's hair was in pig tails, and she was wearing a baby blue jogging suit.
Yay for weird dreams. kk I have to go I'm out!

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