Friday, December 17, 2004

To Do:
call tech support again tomorrow for my damn comp. I already did and I'm too tired to really focus on it right now.

find a way to get to jc so I can pay my $11 and register.

sell my psych. book

get gifts for Mick, Melina, Bri, and maybe jonelle.

go to dmv

clean my room

clean my fish tank/filter

Part of me is lazy and I have no one to blame except myself. Then I also have no help nor support here in my house hold. I don't want other people feel like I'm using them all the time so I feel weird asking them for rides.
I was watching the sun set tonight, it was really pretty and all. And the first thing that came to mind was I can't wait till about a year from now, I'll be watching it from Hawai'i.
I was watching the Mask, and the main character, is messing things up and gets in trouble and doesn't really freak out, but rather uses his sense of humor to get out of trouble. But the trouble eventually catches it up with him. That's how I feel. I have so much stuff to do, and I can shove it off for awhile, but it still catches up with me.

Kelsey's Christmas List:
Books for school

money so I can get Clarinet cleaned

plane ticket to Hawaii (for either visiting or one way for if I get in)

a real job

prince charming (or any guy who is willing to risk being seen in public with me)
-to rescue me and take me away
-or at least someone who can tolerate me

Currently Watching
The Mask (New Line Platinum Series)
By Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz
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