Thursday, December 16, 2004

Dude I made out this post and my computer froze up as I was submitting it. So I guess I will try again.
 Monday night, I got my ears pierced for the first time, and I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I don't know. To me it really was just a spure of the moment kind of a deal. I'm going to get the second ones done here soon and in the future, I want the top of my ear done, my navel and my nose.

I had someone (actually 2 as of today), who admitted to being jealous of the friendship me and Mickalyn have. I was so taken back by that because, yeah we are closer and if we bonded any more, we would be fused together. There is a lot people don't realize about us. First of all, we have been friends for 4.5 years now. The long time factor is the beginning of a really strong friend ship, for anyone. Then some people are not aware of how man fights we have had over the years. We have fought about everything there is to argue over. There were many days where we didn't talk to each other at all. At the end of our junior year, I didn't think we would ever talk again, and I wrote that in her yearbook. But on the first day of band camp our senior year (we didn't talk all summer) we were talking and hanging out like nothing ever happened. I think the last fight we had was right before the Reno trip our senior year. Then after that, we were just as close as we are. I think the biggest bonding time for us was in San Diego for winter percussion. We rode down together and were together nonstop for like 5 days, it was so awesome. We just had the most fun time ever. There were tears involved and I think I've only cried in front of her and like one other person. Ever. I can't really explain it. So I guess that is part of the secret of our relationship. I favor her over most other people I will admit that. in my life, she is an equal to maybe 4 other people.  She and I have just had so much time together, it I nothing to fret over, no worries my other friends. With time, and many fights, I promise any friendship will work out, whether it be with my or anyone else.
Well, my day has mostly sucked so I'm out! After a really stiff drink that is...

Nina: Kelsey I pinched my side.
Me: I'm sorry
Nina: It's ok I still love you.
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