Monday, December 13, 2004

So man My weekend was awesome. I went up to Nevada with my dad on work with him. So....Saturday morning we got up at 2 30 to be out the door by 3. Got to the plant and he did all his stuff, his paperwork, getting all of out stuff into the truck and then hooking up the 2 trailers up and getting his equipment ready. so we are on the road by 4 30, maybe earlier.. I don't remember. So we drive and drive. Until we get to his first stop in Fallon Nevada. Now that place is dead past the middle of no where. But Mickalyn called and I talked to her for awhile. There was a little snow and ice on the ground, so I had a little fun there. Then we drove to...Yerington, another place in the middle of no where. Was on the Phone with Mick most of the time. Then we drove to Carson City for the night. At this point, it was like 5 30 and we had 6 minutes left on the clock. So were both dead tired cause it was a 14 hour day, and my dad was working the whole time. So omg the beds were like Styrofoam. they were horrible, I hardly slept at all. But I slept in the sleeper of the cab for like 2 hours in the morning while he was unloading in Gardnerville. then we went to south lake Tahoe. it was so pretty I hadn't been there in there since I was 3 so it was all new to me. there was snow everywhere, and it wasn't that big of a deal. I mean I've been around it and such, but there is no new thrill when I see it. its weird I don't know. so we were there for way longer then we were supposed to be because there was a problem in the delivery. there was a lot of snow there so I had my fun there. so we got home last night at 7 and that was my weekend. I had so much fun just hanging with my dad and all. so um i guess that's it for now I'm out!

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