Thursday, December 09, 2004

I'm in way over my head here with school. I have finals next week, I slept through class today. It was my last one before the final next week, I don't even know what time it is at. Emails are in my near future I feel. Then I'm short units to transfer next fall, so that puts me in a really bad position here, really bad. I have never felt so lost I think I got my schedule put in the best order possible thanks to Caleb, just wonderful he is. I don't know how I would have survived this first semester here.
Then along with school and a few other stressful factors, my other best friend in the world I think is totally shunning me at the moment and I can't even begin do describe how low I feel. I mean, there is just so much going on and I'm not avoiding her on purpose or even avoiding her at all. Things will clear up this next week then I'm free. I just need till Wednesday. Thursday and beyond, I'm good.
I'm going out of town for the weekend with my dad.
We are going up to Nevada for his work, and I just need  break...from people, places and things. Nouns shouldn't bother me anymore.
 Have you ever felt homesick? Maybe not for home necessary, but a time or event? Like all day, I've been thinking of the summer Melina and I went to Balboa. I just remember having such a rocking time and I sometimes slip into memories of those times. For example, we rode scooters everywhere. I love scootering so much. I just wish I had one with a stunt bar on it, I don't have one anymore, and I didn't think I would use one, but I just remember the 2 of us for like 2 weeks, that's how we got around. I love that area of California so much too.
The thing I'm feeling is like a feeling of homesick, but for the future...if that makes any sense. It is me making scenarios using past events...I don't know ok I'm out!
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