Friday, December 03, 2004

Hey here's the deal and what I have, had, and have to deal with here
Had: Social workers coming over, my mom and I cleaning the whole house, my dad not being home, big paper due, test in humanities, band ensembles.
What I have to deal with: band ensembles, dad being gone an extra day, making my schedule for next semester, find out the transferring units and how those like up, cashing my check and buying people stuff for a dumb ass holiday out of guilt, (I just remembered my hair is still wet, so I have to go take care of that.
Then the things I am going to have to deal with are fixing my computer, because it died on me Wednesday night, finals coming up and I really need a good grade in Psych. cause I only have a C and I think my parents will kill me if they find out that. plus I think I'm under units to transfer, so I'm goanna be hauling next semester, cause I need to get out of here so much, so that and scheduling (the thought of me leaving in 9 months makes my giddy) then I am still trying to find a job. I have the applications but have not been able to turn them back in, which is just another burden for me to have.
Well I should go do something productive, like my hair, or go take some more Motrin (I think I took like 8 yesterday), eat, and just go to school. ok I'm out!

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