Friday, November 05, 2004

Well I thought I was going to bed 10 minutes ago. I had everything all ready to go and I go out to the living room cause I hear my mom on the phone and a breathing treatment machine going and I just suspect TJ or McKenna had trouble sleeping. It happens. But much to my surprise, it was Jordan! For the second time tonight, be couldn't breath at all. So I guess is all well for now, I'm off to bed he is breathing enough to sleep I hope I'm out...
UPDATE: Well This morning, mom took Jordan into the doctors and he has asthma. But not only that, he is hooked up to an IV and in an hour or so he is going to ride in an ambulance to a hospital in Turlock. I'm not exactly sure right now at this point, but I'll keep u posted.
UPDATE: Jordan is alright, he is coming home tonight. His breathing is under control, he is eating and yeah.
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