Monday, November 29, 2004

Monday morning already? Well, my paper is getting close to being done and I'm so glad. I'm really happy with the way it is turning out. I had a dream I got it back and I got a C- on it. So now I'm going to be all freaked out about it until the semester is over week after next. Then 3 weeks off for holiday again then hopefully my last semester at JC. Weird huh? I think this is hopefully going to be the shortest time I've been at one school except the school I went to for 2nd grade. It was in Warm Springs and I don't remember the exact name. Wait yes I do. It was James Leach Elementary, and our mascot were dragons. I think they were purple and green if I remember correctly. Anyways, yeah the heater is on right now and it feels so good, like to where I just want to wander around in shorts all day. But there was ice on the roofs this morning again. So it's darn cold out today. Well, I have a few more chores to do before I leave for school. Oh I finally got another couch in my room yesterday. If any one saw my room when I first moved here, the only things in my room for like a year were a couch and a table. The walls were white and the bookshelves, couch and table was/were brown. So then after a long time, I finally got a bed, but kept the couch, for my cat and for when friends came over, mostly Jonelle, ok talk later, class now, bye.

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