Monday, October 11, 2004

Happy Things: Just had one of the best and busiest weekends in years. Honestly, I was laughing for the first time in a month and a half. That is a good thing. Let's see. Friday, had class and then went out for coffee with Caleb and we didn't come home till after 1 in the morning. Well, ok we went out for coffee and ended up going to a movie. That was so awesome.
Then Saturday was MIV. Mo Hi was pretty good. Sorry, but Johanson was awesome, what the heck happened to them OMG that was so cool you guys totally rock! Yes that is to be said in one sentence and in one breath. So yeah. Also saw some friends who went to Logan, haven't seen them in forever.
So yeah. Then yesterday, went to Frisco with Caleb. OMG, that was awesome for so many reasons. Snowbirds were awesome, I've seen them before, but who cares. I love planes so much. I wanted to be a pilot up until my sophomore year. I was so set to go into aviation. Might someday. Love flying so much. Then I just got a call from Mickalyn so I'm happy now.

Sad Things: So I said I have a friend to keep in mind and that will be one of my  main concerns. I love this person dearly and if I lose this person, I will never be the same. A part of me will me missing. It just will be.
I feel so out of place all of a sudden with my circle of friends. I'm out of the loop on something and all I can think about is that's it's my turn. I guess that's what happens to people when they grow up and stop going to church.

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