Saturday, August 14, 2004

Man this really is an interesting situation. I have had to be up really late helping out around the house and doing all of my online time, and now it seems not that late and all the people I usually talk to have gone to bed. I still have to clean the kitchen and shower, dry my hair, maybe do some laundry. Last night I had to do all this plus make food for my dad, but like the absent-minded professor he is, he forgot it. But I didn't het to bed till after 3 in the morning. then i was up at 6 because dad had already gone to work and I had to get the other kids ready and out the door for school. Then at 7, Brianna came over for the day, cause the only thing going on at home was her mom packing, and her brother was at a friends house. So it was kind of a girls day...with David and tj in the other room. It was fun, we watched Cirque du Soleil, because Brianna had never heard of it. then because of my lack of sleep I crashed major at 6 and woke up at 9 and here I am. I am not tired, I have work to do ,and I can't remember if I have eaten, and I'm not even hungry right now...though an iced mocha sounds killer right now...nah maybe not, it's too cold for that. Man I am cold now that I think about it. K talk to yall later then.

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