Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Fast Forward to Futures Past

It is a weird thing to take a trip to the past. And here is the perfect place to take it. I have been so ever so bored these past few days. Well, I have turned in quite a few "real" job applications to stores in the mall. And a few of them are looking right now. So that is up in the air. Then our family went out to Sondra's or a few hours then I watched Signs on my lap top. But then after that , I found myself on the world of my computer, on this site and reviewing my email. On my Xanga for example, I went back to the first post I made and read my way forward to now. In some ways, nothing has changed and then other things have taken nose dives and soared to the heavens and beyond. Remembering events and problems, people and things. Things I have regretted and others I have not. Well, I guess I sould go to bed cause I have really nothing else to do and no one to kick out at midnight . Until...
Currently Watching
Signs (Vista Series)
By Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix

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