Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Adventures in the City

K, I'll finally tell where Cindy and I went on Monday. Actually, I wrote all of it yesterday, but, it didn't save right or something.. So here I go again. So Cindy picked me up and didn't tell me where we were going. But she had to tell me cause she didn't know how to get to the BART station in Dublin. So we rode out to San Francisco. K this is a bit random, but why does it seem many times (and not just the past 2 days) not many people can figure out the ticket machines??? This had happened so many times to me before. K, so anyways, Cindy wanted to take me to a Chinese food place she likes. FYI, almost every time she and I go out or are in a new location, we try to fine and have Chinese food and Jamba Juice. But it was closed for the 4th. So we were like a block away from Old Navy. So we went on another flip flop shopping spree. Last year, when Cindy and I went to Maui, she had a gift card and we each got like 4 pairs of flip flops. and then on Monday, I think we each got 2 pair. So then we found a bus to the Warf. Got chowder in bread bowls. Dang it was so good. So then we headed away towards the cheep gift shops. Found this awesome pic shop and had pic's taken. I'll see if I can upload it on to my site here soon. Found this awesome music store and spent way too much time in it. Good thing we didn't have a ton of money with us. So then we tried to find another bus back to market street. got "lost" cause we couldn't find any for awhile. found one finally and then got off a few blocks too soon so we had to walk to find  a BART station. so got on and went home. YAY for that. i had so much fun!

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