Friday, June 11, 2004

Almost There

Cheese, I can't remember the last time I was this tired! So graduation was fun and all I guess. I mean, I sit there cracking joked the whole time and walk while my name is announced to the world in which no one cares. But Caleb, Cindy and Brianna came over after and that totally rocked! It was a ton of fun, even if you didn't have fun, I did!
So then after getting to bed at like 1 in the morning, our family went up to Yosemite today. It more along the lone of a simple family outing I guess. I hate driving in the mountains, cause if I don't think right, I get that car sick feeling. I don't get car sick, I just feel like it. But we got there and ate, but the cool thing was the squirrels were so tame. I was sharing my sandwich with one of three and he/she came within 6 inches of my feet! It was so cool, and they were soooo cute! So then we went through the visitors center and blah blah. Then we went up to the falls and Nina and I climbed to the base of the falls! I kept asking her if she wanted to go back cause the rocks were getting really slippery and steep. But she said "No! we have to keep going to the top!" So she and I made it, slowly but we did it. Many people were telling us she wouldn't make it, but she wouldn't go back. Determined is she, I'm so proud of her!

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