Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Disney Fever

Hey people!! I just got back from Disneyland yesterday, and lets just say I finally grew up. It was fun and all and I hung out with my sisters and cousin and such, but all of the thrill I remember is all just a memory. Y
AY!!! I have a concert with my own 8 measure solo. I hope I don't mess it up.
You learn something new every day. This past weekend, I was in charge of three other people and I dug up some of my leadership characteristics from marching season when I was the section leader for the clarinets. Ah, those girls gave me such a challenge and the greatest reward a senior could ask for.
K, now my mom is about to pull me from Fever because she thinks I have an eating problem and doesn't trust I'll eat away from home...whats that all about???
K, gotta go get ready for tonight. I love people and its not fair she got the purple car...inside joke

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