Monday, March 22, 2004

Prince Charming

I just got hit with a lightning bolt from heaven. I was taking with a friend recently and she said she really wants a boyfriend. So, we got talking about different things we like in different boys and she said something that really hit me. She said she wanted the perfect boyfriend. OK, so no one is perfect and I told her this. Now as I was sitting in my Comp. Lit. class fooling around on, and I don't know if it was God, or whatever, but I realized that she and I want the perfect boyfriend for us!. I really want the perfect boyfriend for me. Sure he is not perfect by anyone's standards, but he will be perfect for me! I haven't found him yet and I really hope my prince charming is coming soon. God is always on time and rarely a day early. So if you think your him or know him, give me a buzz. Sorry, I'm really in this really weird mood, I'm dog-tired, and I have been consulted by the Creator.
Someday, my prince will come...someday we'll meet again...

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