Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pics from the Carnival Cruise January 2016

After the week we spent in Puerto Rico, we took a cruise from San Juan that ended in New Orleans

First things first, mai tais from one of the bars.

The first morning we woke up in St. Thomas. This was the view off the balcony, just amazing!

Went upstairs for some breakfast. Coffee and this view???? YES PLEASE!

We caught a cab with another couple and went to a private beach called Morning Star Bay. We snorkeled a bit in these waters.

Similar to Puerto Rico, there were huge iguanas that roamed the lands

In the trinket shops, lots of island rum

At the highest point of the ship looking onwards before we departed.

Dar 2 we woke up in Dominica. With a breakfast cocktail!

Moonshine in the souvenir shops.

I thought these purses were awesome!

The tents down there are all locals with their souvenirs to sell for the tourists.

We took a shore excursion to a place called the Champaign Reef. There is volcanic activity under the water and gas is released and it makes the ocean look like a glass of champaign with all of the bubbles.
These pictures are taken from the small boat we took to the location.

The day after Dominica, we woke up in St Kitts.

One of the venders had a baby monkey that was a little friendly with people. He had a little bowl of fruit and he came over and said hi to us.

We chartered a tour of the island with a group from our cruise. This tree was full of thorns, but the birds learned to live in that environment. It was nesting season here.

On the left is the Atlantic Ocean and on the right is the Caribbean Sea. There is a total difference in the color!

One of the nights on the cruise, they had a midnight buffet with food sculptures to accommodate the dishes

these are from Jamaica. Ya-man!

The last 2 days were days at sea headed to New Orleans.

That's it for the pics from Puerto Rico and the Carnival cruise from January. I have another big trip coming up soon!

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